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We ship our items worldwide.

The shipping cost is not included in the item price, you can enquire it by email.

The delivery of objects or lamps (excl. chandeliers and floor lamps) takes around 1-2 weeks. These items are delivered front door.

The delivery of furniture, chandeliers and floor lamps, takes around 3-5 weeks. These items are delivered ground front door.

When we provide delivery time, this is always an estimation and delays may happen.

We don’t accept order cancellation once the shipment is booked and arranged and/or once the items have been already dispatched.

We don't accept order cancellation if delivery is delayed due to shipping company management or under other circumstances. 

We don’t accept rejection on delivery, the buyer should always accept the delivery.

In case of breakage, damage or any other incident during transport and/or delivery, this must be communicated via email within 24h

after delivery of the item.

After 24 hours after delivery, claims for breakage, damage or due to any other incident are not accepted.

For sales outside the EU, customs and/or taxes, if any, are not included and the customer will be in charge for their payment and management.

For custom orders, the shipping conditions will be specified in each case.


Returns accepted within 14 calendar days of delivery.

It is mandatory to inform us about the return via email before shipping back the item.

Within 24 hours after your email we will inform you about the instruction to follow and only then you can return the item.

We don’t accept returns if the steps above are not followed.

The cost and management of the return are buyer’s responsibility.

The items should be returned in the same condition that when they were sent, otherwise we don’t accept the return.

Once we receive the items, the total amount of the purchase will be paid back to the buyer: price of the item plus shipping cost.

If the buyer decides that the delivery has to be done later than the usual shipping time, the conditions will be specified in each case.

We don’t accept returns of purchases by order, as long as they comply with the agreement.


Objetology items have gone through several decades of time and have passed through many hands, which means that some of them have their traces of use; in Objetology we believe that these “footprints of time” add character to the objects, tells part of its history and enhances the beauty in many cases.

The wiring and fittings of all lamps have been updated or they are in perfect working order. 

The pictures are made with the intention to be as descriptive as possible, although in some cases, colors, textures and other characteristics may differ slightly from reality.

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